#BestieDate: a round-up of where atx&o lovers hang with their BFF's

Today we're celebrating the person in your life who receives your ugliest selfies, texts you only in GIFs, and makes you feel like a 🌟 everyday!

In honor of National Best Friend Day, we asked a few of our top followers where they go in Austin for a #BestieDate. 

Rachel (@rachhella_)

Pictured with her bestie, Nicole (@nicole_lorrainee)

"We've been friends for 4 years and we love exploring Austin! We're right outside of Hotel San Jose here!"

Raquel (@raquelgreergordian)

Pictured with her bestie, Becky (@bexosaurus)

"This one is in the Hill Country, so our #bestiedate [was] The Salt Lick."

Anee (@aneemuja)

Pictured with her #QueenGang

"I have a best friend but seriously it's a group of girls. It's like 9 of us and we talk literally every single day in our group chat. 5 of the girls I've known since 6th grade & the other 5 (1 is a cousin) have been around for years. Seriously cannot break us up! Our fav fav spot is Trudy's for our fav Strawberry Margarita! "

Jesse (@jessegarule)

Pictured with his bestie, Shadow (@adventures.with.shadow)

"I would have to say Shadow is my bestie. This is the Greenbelt. We go here a couple times a week at least, and I spend every day out exploring with him. And he sleeps in the bed between my wife and I lol."

Adrienne (@atx_albregts)

Pictured with her bestie, Nora (@nora_orp)

"My bestie's name is Nora. Our favorite places for a bestie date are: VIP shenanigans at either ACL or SXSW2nd St District for happy hours and/or boutique shopping, Nora's backyard or the Four Seasons pool."

Casey (@tigercavity)

Pictured with his besties, Tyler (@tyler_grayson_ellis) and Poff (@poffdeluxe)

"Our #bestiedate recommendation has gotta be Radio or Backbeat."


airport cheers.JPG

Ashley & Becky


Growing up, our mom always told us that there will never be anyone we're closer to than each other. She was right! Our favorite place for a #bestiedate has got to be Grizzelda's. There's something magical about the hot pink decor and insanely good Mexican food that brings out our full selves.