Beat the Heat: A roundup of how our featured #WCWs and Maker Mondays stay cool in Austin

Summer's winding down but, in true Texas fashion, it's 101° outside and putting on your seatbelt is still a game of hot lava. You're already a regular at Barton Springs and Lake Travis and you've hit up the ice cream shops more times than you can count. What else can you do to beat the heat other than crawl into a never-ending Netflix & AC hole?
"Chillllll"-- we've gotcha covered! Here's how a few Austinites featured in our #WCW's and Maker Mondays series are keeping their cool and feeding their soul at the same time. 


"My favorite treat in Austin would have to be at @ThaiFresh. A sweet rice ball heated up in a bowl with a scoop of Thai tea flavored ice cream right on top. It's one of the best desserts I've ever tried."

--@HannahParksDesign, Austin-based jewelry designer


White Pomegranate Thai Ice Cream with Sticky Rice from Thai Fresh

White Pomegranate Thai Ice Cream with Sticky Rice from Thai Fresh

"Crystal Lake Chamomile Ale at @4thtap, paletas from the paletero who cruises down my street, bubble tea from Coco's Cafe, or the screw-mosa from @staygoldaustin."

--Alicia Jones, owner of @AmuricaTX

Photo Credit; @helloitstello

Photo Credit; @helloitstello

"There's nothing like a frosty beverage to cool ya off when you're hot. I'll open the fridge and snag a Marco IPA from @ZilkerBeer of if I'm for something a lil lighter, you can't go wrong with @TitosVodka and @TopoChicoUSA."

--@ArloBush, co-founder of @NorthernFirBeard

"To start a summer day off in ATX you can’t go wrong with a chilled mason jar brimming with @chameleoncoldbrew. After polishing off a few tacos for lunch I want nothing more than to sip on a icy cold, bubbling @topochicousa. In the evening, my go-to treat to beat the heat is my all time favorite beer, @liveoakbrewing’s hefeweizen!"

--@ChloeJaneMade, Austin-based watercolor illustrator

"I'm addicted to cold brew, so I'm going to say that first and foremost. Otherwise, coffee mochi from @Michi_Ramen or coffee ice cream from @SweetRitual. (Can you tell I like coffee?) And OF COURSE @LichasCantina’s super-dirty martini because I inhale about a jar of olives everyday and that ish is FRESH."

-- @DahliaDanda, Art Director @WomenOfVenus, Online Content Producer at @Statesman and a Freelance Write for @DailyDot

"We have a weakness for Cold Cookie Company. Our favorite treat to cool off is their "Unshakes" or a unique ice cream sandwich. We usually give the employee full rein to make whatever fun specialty they're feeling that week, and we always leave in a sugar-induced happy daze."

--xo, ashley & becky, @atx.and.o

Campfire S'mores Unshake from Cold Cookie Company

Campfire S'mores Unshake from Cold Cookie Company