Who are the people behind atx&o?

We're Ashley and Becky-- sisters who believe every Austinite has a story. We know that stories make us feel more connected and show us what's possible. We started atx&o to offer locals from all backgrounds a megaphone to share their passionate journeys of entrepreneurship, allyship, partnership and creativity. We facilitate storytelling through curated events and Instagram spotlight series such as #MakerMonday (Austin’s creative souls), #WCW (ATX female entrepreneurs) and many more!

Becky works as a hair artist at Jose Luis Salon (check out her work-- @beckywiththegoodxhair) and Ashley’s the program manager of Google's secret coding challenge. 

Why the name "atx&o"?

Growing up, our grandma always signed her cards with a million x&o's. They made us smile and that special feeling has stuck with us as adults. To us, "atx&o" represents what we want to do-- spread the love across ATX at a hyper-local level. 

What are y'all hoping to achieve?

As Austin continues to grow at a rapid rate, we want to do our part to ensure that the people, places and vibes that make ATX great stick around. We choose to elevate them through storytelling and interviews to help Austinites make a connection with the people behind the goods and services. At the end of the day, we want to provide locals with a "behind-the-scenes" fact or two that they can share with their friends and that adds to their experience when engaging with the business or organization.

How do you choose Austinites for your storytelling series?


Our features are designed to reflect the pulse of the Austin community at a specific point in time. 

We find our features through:

  • Recommendations from the atx&o family

  • Recommendations from the broader Austin community

  • Reach-outs from makers/entrepreneurs currently in Austin or moving to Austin

  • Connections we make at maker fairs, media events, etc.

  • Connections we make while out and about on the town

  • Lots of Instagram a LOT

Answering the questions below helps us determine if someone is a good fit for our core series, #MakerMonday and #WCW:

  • #MakerMonday

    • Is the person in Austin?

    • Does the person produce a physical product?

    • Is that product available for others in the ATX community to purchase and/or enjoy?

    • How does the person's work give back to or enhance Austin?

  • #WCW

    • Is the person in Austin?

    • Did the person found a business, an organization, a non-profit, etc.?

    • Are they still actively leading this business, organization, non-profit, etc.?

    • Does the person identify as a woman?

    • How does the person's work give back to or enhance Austin?

Someone y'all featured really spoke to me or I think they'd be a strong partner for my work. How can I connect with them?

Our featured movers and makers are part of our series because they want to continue building connections with the ATX community. We recommend reaching out to them directly via Instagram. We're also happy to make an introduction!

I know the perfect Austinite for y'all to feature next! How do I tell you?

Slide in our DM's! Or email us at

We want our features to reflect the people y'all are excited about right now. Keep us informed by sharing Instagram feeds that inspire you, or better yet, introducing us to your friends and partners who are doing cool things in the Austin community. 

What do you expect from your featured Austinites

Authenticity. Bring your full self to the feature. 

But as far as logistics, once you're selected to be part of our #MakerMonday or #WCW series, we'll send you a series of questions via email to help curate the story of your path and learnings for the atx&o family.

In addition, we'll ask you for 5-10 photos of yourself and your work that you'd like us to share. We take giving credit for work very seriously (it's a community of creatives after all!), so that means we want to know about the photographers, models, venues, graphic designers, etc. who helped make your pictures so awesome.