ATX Dudes + Innovation + Their Craft = It's Raining Men


Yoshi Okai, head chef of Otoko & Food and Wine 2017 Best New Chef

It's not every day you get to play in the kitchen of a @foodandwine best chef-- but Yoshi is the kind of rock 'n roll sushi god that just doesn't care for rules. Sushi master by day, musician by night, Yoshi embodies every ounce of paradoxical Austin that made us fall in love with this city. We caught up with Yoshi to talk about allyship, his tattoos and the intersection of sushi and music. Video by Patrick Dyer.

Tim Salau, founder of Mentors & Mentees

“I kid you not, I woke up one day and asked myself some tough questions. The most important question was: “What are my strengths?” I discovered that my biggest strength was my ability to connect with people and build relationships. I narrowed down my life purpose to strengthening the bonds that people share through empathic and compassionate action. In my opinion, there’s not enough of it and I believe people need to understand that empathy and compassion is a DAILY practice. Only being empathetic is not enough, and being compassionate without harboring genuine empathy is empty. I believe those who balance and apply both have the power to strengthen their local communities and create more unity, little by little.”

The Lagoons, brothers Joey & Ryan Selan

"As long we can both remember, our parents were playing their favorite music on repeat for us so it’s kind of been ingrained in our heads. We both learned instruments at a young age joining the school jazz band, eventually self-teaching ourselves piano and guitar where we began composing songs. At first, writing music was a bonding experience for us as brothers but we soon realized there was a larger potential and we started taking music more seriously."

p/c: Gary Williams, Jr. 

p/c: Gary Williams, Jr. 

Joah Spearman, founder & ceo of Localeur

"By definition, entrepreneurship is the pursuit of resources beyond which you currently control, so my origin story begins at childhood. Growing up the youngest of three boys in a single-mother home on food stamps meant I was very aware of limited resources and started working at age 9 and 10 to find ways to create something for myself. Now, I’m just doing it at a global scale.

Shea Boland, founder of ATX Sprint Squad & personal trainer

"I am a fighter of the good fight. Dedicated to cultivating love in my heart and then showing others how to do the same."