Gustavo Padron, yoga instructor

"It's not about perfection; it's about progress. Every time you step on your mat it's going to be different because you're in a different place in your body, you're in a different space in your mind. {...} Yoga is for everyone. That's what I want to spread more of."

Alex and Robin Hewes, owners of arloom

"We founded arloom with the goal of creating a beautiful, unique product that celebrates and frames artisan textiles. A main focus of our products and using textiles is helping to sustain cultural traditions and provide economic opportunities for indigenous people in Central America. We have worked with many groups of people in Guatemala and we seek out cooperatives that employ women earning fair wages to weave newtextiles, collaborating with them on designs and creating steady employment for women in small villages."

Laura Aidan, founder of Prohibition Creamery


"I had this ‘ah-ha’ moment with my husband when we were in Oregon. Seeing the line around the block for a mom and pop ice cream shop, I had that moment of ‘I could see myself doing this.’… I took the very scary leap of faith to open my own business.”

Laura Aidan ended her career as a software developer to follow her passion of sweet treats at Penn State's ice cream program and in turn gave us an East Austin gem- Prohibition Creamery, a boozy ice cream “barlor”. Video by Patrick Dyer.